The Sims 3 Store Update

Full Interior Castle Set

Now your Sim’s desire to live the part of royalty has finally come true. Everyone knows that a Sim’s home is their castle. The Lord and Lady can live happily in the castle of their dreams surrounded by the gothic furniture.

13 items for 525 Sim Points.

Ultra Lounge Youths

Nothing says I’ve got more style than years like the Ultra Lounge Youth bedroom sets. From the simple silhouettes of the furniture to the decorative touches, there is something to love in this collection of furniture with curved edges and polished details.

40 items for 1,650 Sim Points.

Jet Set

Whether for lounging glamorously by the pool, jetting off to exotic locations, or for a night out, this his and hers collections captivates.

12 items for 675 Sim Points.

Jet Set Teen

Attention getting and jet setting these clothes go beyond updating the classics. Achieve fashion lift off with these travel-ready clothes.

10 Items for 575 Sim Points.

All of these items can be downloaded at The Sims Store here. Remember that $1 = 100 Sim Points. However, soon enough you’ll be able to find these without having to deal with Sim Points… ;)


If you’d like these items, reading this thread at More Awesome Than You may help.


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