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Eight Tribal Back Tattoos

By newone08 of Mod the Sims.
Get them here.


Body Hair for Males

It does sound a bit gross, but body hair for your sims helps to make them much more realistic. Here are the body hair overlays and hairy skintones I’ve found.

This first one is by aikea_guinea of Club Crimysn. It’s recolorable and can be downloaded here, under “Accessories”.

This large set of recolorable body hair, made by PanthroSamah,  can be downloaded here. There are eight in total.

The first two pictures show a custom skintone by TummyZa of Garden of Shadows. He or she also edited PeggyZone’s male skintone, making it hairy, which is shown in the last two pictures. The advantage of these is that all males will have body hair, while the disadvantage is that it can’t be colored or gotten rid of. Anyway, both of these are available for download here at Garden of Shadows.

Dragon Tattoos from Kitty Klan

Download them at Kitty Klan or here at Mod the Sims.

Necklace Set From Bog Sims

Download here at BogSims.

More Piercings by Amvalvo at MTS

Septum, Bridge, Monroe, Snakebites, Lower Lip, and more combinations!

They are found under costume makeup.

Download here at Mod the Sims.

Testers Wanted: Piercings by Aikea_Guinea

These piercings still need work and are NOT final. Aikea_Guinea wants people to test them to find out what the issues with them are. They are a full set of piercings, so you can’t mix and match. Currently issues are known with distortion and not working right on teens. Oh, and they are currently only for males.

Here is a link with more information.

Hoop Earrings by Magnemoe

Download these larger hoop earrings here.

Download this smaller hoop earring set and and updated larger hoop earring set here. You can wear three at once, as shown in the picture!

Download the small hoop earrings for children here.

All are by magnemoe of Mod the Sims.