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Peggy Clipped Pigtails Converted

You can find them here at Sims Cave.


New Hair from XM Sims

For females, teen through elder.

Get them here and here.

Peggy Hair #003860 Converted

Converted by manwong0927.

You can download it here at Sims Cave.

New Hair from Cottonhouse Sims

Get this lovely curly hairstyle here.

Four Maxis Hairstyles Converted

These were from The Sims 2 and converted to 3 by Amadeo of Garden of Shadows.

There are some issues with these, such as textures and gaps, so be sure to read about that before you download. Nevertheless, I think these are rather nice, particularly numbers 2, 3, and 4.

You can get them here at Garden of Shadows.

Raon M 18 Converted

Originally by Raon for The Sims 2, then converted to The Sims 3 by apollo of Garden of Shadows.

Download this fantastic male hair here.

Newsea Hair 15 Converted

It’s nice to see a not overly feminine male hairstyle!

Found here at Sims Cave.

Download link.