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XM Sims Dining Room Set

Get them here at XM Sims. It contains the table, chairs, and vase.


Community Objects Unlocked

I’m sorry for the lack of updates over the past few days. I’ve been a bit… busy.

Anyway, here’s a bunch of items created by myself!

It’s twenty-six community objects (including all of the town buildings) unlocked and available for placement on residential lots.

They function just as if they were placed on community lots.

You can download them here at Mod the Sims.

Paintings, Posters, and More from The Verona Relapse

I love these, especially the Andy Warhol prints and music posters! None of them replace any in-game paintings. Anyway, you can find them here at The Verona Relapse.

New Item Set from Mango Sims

Download here from Mango Sims.

Someone from The Verona Relapse has told me that the set contains the chair and cushion. Thanks to them!

The NRaas Standalone Supercomputer

Download here from More Awesome Than You. Here is a list of features:


The object is an expensive computer (retai: 5000 simoleons).

The menu contains an additional item called “Master Controller…” which contains the following options:

  • Master Alarm

    • Enables or disables an event that occurs daily at 3am.  At the moment this process runs the “Recover Missing Sims” operation.  You don’t need to activate it if you don’t want to.
  • Demographics…

    • Population : Lists the population breakdown by age
    • Job By Level : Lists the count of sims by career level
    • Job By Perf : Lists the count of sims by career performance
    • Jobs By Career… : Lists the sims by individual career
    • Career Summary : Lists the count of sims by career
    • Kinsey Scale : Lists the count of sims based on a limited Kinsey Scale
    • School By Perf : Lists the count of sims by school performance
  • Sim…

    • Select…

      • Any : Allows the user to select any eligible sim in town and make them the Active Sim
      • Performance… : Lists only those sims doing poorly in School or Career
      • Sexuality… : Lists sims based on sexual orientation
    • Rename : Changes the name of a sim selected from a list.
    • Force Kill : Immediately kills a sim selected from a list.  Handy for killing ghosts that lack urnstones.
    • Family Tree : Brings up the genealogy window for a sim selected from a list.
    • Dresser : Brings up the dresser CAS for a sim selected from a list
    • Mirror : Brings up the mirror CAS for a sim selected from a list
    • Clean Traits : Wipes out all traits and lifetime rewards for the specified sim.  Use at your own risk.
  • Town…

    • List Homeless : Same as AwesomeMod, except it lists the names of the homeless sims
    • Recover Missing Sims : Runs a process that re-adds vanished sims to their households.  It will do nothing if all sims are accounted for.
  • Maintenance…

    • Contains the Flush operations previous available in the FlushAway toilet
    • Use this functionality at your own risk

Japanese Paintings From Rose Sims

Download here at Rose Sims. They are on page six under Sims 3.

Clock Collection

Four new clocks.

By coltraz at Mod the Sims. Find them here.